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532nm green laser engraving glass is different from traditional technology

Jul 21 , 2021

532nm green laser engraving glass is different from traditional technology



Cary from Singapore is looking for a marking technology that can improve the process without greatly increasing the cost, and to provide support for his newly developed automobile dashboard. After many visits, Cary ordered a green laser from RFH and put it into trial immediately after picking up the goods.


RFH 35W green laser is different from the traditional technology. It can laser mark the pattern that needs to be transparent, so that the shading ink on the surface can be separated, and the bottom light can clearly show the pattern through the surface after it is turned on. Compared with traditional marking methods, the green laser is a non-contact processing process, which does not produce mechanical effects during processing and does not damage the surface materials of the processed items. It has the characteristics of fast speed, high precision, and duration. The green laser light source is stable, the repetition frequency coverage is wide, and the high-quality beam quality ensures the quality and efficiency of its marking.



At the same time, the green laser is easy to operate and can be operated without professional personnel, which greatly reduces the cost of getting started; it is small in size, easy to install, and the cost of land occupation is greatly reduced; and the characteristics of no smoke, dust, strong anti-counterfeiting, and no consumables also make It is more environmentally friendly and safer.

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