10W-15W uv laser

532nm green laser scribing the surface on tempered glass

Jul 23 , 2021

532nm green laser scribing the surface on tempered glass


As a newly emerging marking technology and laser process, green lasers have powerful applications in the processing of a series of materials such as plastics, glass, acrylic, ceramics, and wafers. Among them, the scale marking of acrylic glass bottles has been greatly changed under the action of the green laser.


RFH is a company aiming to become a leading laser technology company in China. It has spent fifteen years of concentrated research and developed a green laser with the efforts of well-known professors and researchers at home and abroad. It can take advantage of superior beam quality, and the perfect light spot characteristics are marked on the surface of the acrylic glass bottle, and the scale printed is accurate and unbiased, and can be guaranteed to be indelible. This is a high quality that cannot be achieved by traditional technology.



The green laser is easy to operate during use and can be mastered without professionals. The advantages of zero consumables and small footprint also greatly reduce the cost of use. It is precisely these advantages that attracted the attention of many manufacturers, who came to RFH for a visit and placed an order on the spot.

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