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532nm green lasers are the best choice for mirror glass peeling

Jul 28 , 2021

532nm green lasers are the best choice for mirror glass peeling 


If you want to perfectly realize the marking of various patterns and characters on the mirror glass, the choice of the laser will inevitably be extremely harsh, whether it is in terms of power, beam quality, pulse width, or the degree of intelligence and automation of the machine, there are special requirements.


RFH laser products have a more optimized optical system, a more stable control system, and a more efficient engraving process. Compared with similar products, RFH laser series lasers have more detailed cross-condensing spot, more stable power, greater operation accuracy, deeper automatic operation, and more intelligent humanized operation. They are the best choice for lasers for glass peeling operations. .



RFH Expert III 532 series green laser series products have unparalleled advantages in glass peeling paint. On the one hand, they have the characteristics of high marking accuracy, fast speed, clear images, and environmental protection. On the other hand, it has the advantages of simple, intelligent and efficient operation.

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