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A FPC flexible panel customer highly appreciate RFH 355nm UV laser

Jun 29 , 2021

A FPC flexible panel customer highly appreciate RFH 355nm UV laser

In a return visit to FPC flexible circuit board manufacturers, customers greatly appreciated the use of RFH 355nm ultraviolet laser. For the special material of FPC flexible panel which is different from other FPC panels, it breaks through the traditional interconnection technology. There are indeed more possibilities in processing, but also because of its precision and quantity, it makes marking and cutting more difficult. However, RFH 335nm ultraviolet laser has delivered a perfect answer to such a question.


First of all, its marking speed is fast, the operation is simple and the precision is high, it can completely retain the required graphics and words, and it can operate continuously for 24 hours;


Secondly, the 335nm ultraviolet laser has very little thermal effect, the processing effect is significant, and it will not cause damage to the FPC board material;

With the assistance of RFH 335nm ultraviolet laser, this customer's factory has developed on a larger scale.

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