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What role does solid-state laser play in the medical field?

Jun 29 , 2021

What role does solid-state laser play in the medical field?


The Spring Festival in 2020 is extraordinary. The pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus has swept the country. 1.4 billion Chinese people are closely watching the development of the situation. The epidemic and the conquering have almost occupied the entire public view.



At this moment when all sectors of society are contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic, we are also thinking about what role solid-state lasers can play in this trial?




The laser marking technology used by solid-state lasers is one of the largest application areas of laser processing, and this technology has also been widely used in the medical field.


Application of laser technology in medical equipment



Laser marking is the use of high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or produce a chemical reaction of color change. The light energy is instantaneously converted into thermal energy, so that the surface of the object quickly evaporates, thereby engraving on the surface of the object Any desired text, graphics and images. Since laser marking is a non-contact processing, it can be marked on any special-shaped surface. At this time, the object will not be deformed, will not produce internal stress, and will not be contaminated by viruses.



The more advanced UV laser technology represented by Ruifeng Heng Laser can be accurately used for marking medical devices, supplies, drug packaging and other materials, as well as barcodes and QR codes. It can even be used for marking and marking on fragile thermometers. Fine, clear, permanent, beautiful and effective anti-counterfeiting. More importantly, it has outstanding characteristics such as good marking effect, fast speed, low operating cost, no pollution, and avoiding the spread of artificially induced germs.


Anti-epidemic front-line supplies are in urgent need, and the industrial chain is speeding up to restore production capacity


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Due to the new crown virus sweeping the country, the frontline of epidemic prevention continues to send urgent news of supplies. In response to the shortage of medical supplies in Wuhan, medical protective equipment manufacturers across the country have cancelled the Spring Festival holiday, urgently recalled their employees, and rushed to produce medical masks, protective clothing, etc. Protective Equipment.




In the current emergency situation, in order to meet the needs of epidemic prevention, high-efficiency and sterile standard requirements have been put forward for many medical protective products. A few days ago, Ruifengheng Laser, as a professional manufacturer of industrial-grade high-end solid-state lasers, is also ready to meet the needs of equipment manufacturers in this field and rush to the frontline of the epidemic in the way we can.


Efficient and pollution-free, laser technology prevents germs



The marking of medical devices has extremely high requirements for environmental protection and sterility, and ordinary marking methods are difficult to meet. And a series of excellent performance of laser marking can perfectly meet the marking requirements of the biomedical field.




It is precisely because laser marking uses the laser thermal effect to ablate the surface material of the object, leaving a permanent mark. Compared with traditional electrochemical and mechanical marking methods, it has the advantages of low cost, no consumables, good permanentness, non-contact, no deformation, no pollution, high speed, high quality, flexibility, and high engraving accuracy. It is widely applicable to various materials such as metal (need to configure the corresponding laser), plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, leather and so on.



At present, laser marking technology has been applied to all walks of life, opening up broad prospects for high-quality, high-efficiency, pollution-free and low-cost modern processing and production. In particular, laser marking has replaced the traditional marking method in the field of medical materials and has become a conventional processing method, and has even formed a new industrial standard.



Among them, the UV lasers developed and produced by Ruifengheng are widely used in biomedical research, clinical disease diagnosis and therapeutic medical equipment and other fields due to their small size, light weight, long life, high conversion efficiency, and no pollution. The scope of application of other types of lasers.



Secondly, the UV laser can create a more focused spot, and can maintain the minimum heat-affected zone, so as to achieve more precise micro-machining. Especially in the ultraviolet (UV) wavelength and short pulse range, the surface of the material is quickly vaporized, which can achieve higher precision and smaller size processing.



To help medical materials prevent epidemics and anti-virus, Ruifengheng laser drilling and marking technology has shown great advantages. With the continuous increase of various new materials in the medical device industry, medical laser drilling and cutting devices for these materials are developing rapidly. We believe that solid-state laser technology can continue to make a significant contribution to the application in this field.




The epidemic will eventually pass, but epidemic prevention and anti-drug resistance must continue. An epidemic that makes the world worry about, should not only give us pain, but we have to be more clear from now on: laser technology is not a decoration placed on a high place, but a handy tool that can be used at any time. . We hope that the development of laser technology can contribute more to public health safety.

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