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A glass marking customer had a site acceptance of RFH 532 green laser

Jul 01 , 2021

A glass marking customer had a site acceptance of RFH 532 green laser

How to mark the surface of liquid crystal glass with better quality and how to make more precise holes on the surface of glassware? RFH will give you satisfactory answers to these questions.


A glass manufacturer from Foshan deliberately drove to the headquarters of RFH. In addition to inspecting and accepting the two RFH 35W green lasers that he had already ordered, he also hoped to inspect the production environment and corporate culture of RFH for the future so that he could lay the foundation for further cooperation.

RFH production workshop adopts a dust-free workshop design, which has achieved the ultimate in safety, professionalism and environmental protection, which also shows that RFH values production. The two 35W green lasers accepted by this customer can mark fine and  clear QR codes on liquid crystal glass during use. The accuracy up to 0.02mm makes them even more easier in the drilling of high-demand glassware.

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