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Button peeling paint is an easy task for RFH UV laser

Jul 02 , 2021

Button peeling paint is an easy task for RFH UV laser


Mr. Wang from Zhejiang is looking for a more long-lasting technology for marking words on the keyboard surface. After learning about RFH through the Internet, he immediately went to investigate.


As soon as RFH UV laser was running, Mr. Wang's eyes lighted up. He deeply understood what the running speed of the UV laser represented at this moment. In just one second, several parts could be processed and marked, and the processing speed would inevitably be greatly accelerated after cooperating with the assembly line.

But in addition to speed, Mr. Wang pays more attention to the quality of the products produced. RFH UV laser has a small area affected by overheating and superior beam quality. All frequency ranges are strictly guaranteed. It is easy to complete precise marking tasks, and because its principle is to produce scratches on the surface of the part, there is an absolute guarantee for the using effectiveness.


Mr. Wang is very satisfied with the low-cost, high-efficiency, easy-to-operate, green, safe and environmentally friendly features of UV lasers, and he naturally signed an agreement with RFH


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