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A Singapore customer in Singapore appreciates the high quality of RFH S9 UV laser

Jun 22 , 2021

A Singapore customer buys RFH UV laser for ceramic marking


The customer Jack from Singapore wants to purchase a UV laser for marking on ceramics. Compared with the traditional ink jet coding method, RFH UV laser marking is not easy to be altered, is environmentally friendly, and has anti-counterfeiting effects, which fully meets his requirements.


The UV laser has superior beam quality, guarantees the light quality within the frequency range used, and can operate stably for 24 hours, without the need for regular replacement of ink cartridges.


In addition, the graphic effect of laser marking on the ceramic is clear, not easy to be worn, and it is environmentally friendly and safe.


After listening to the introduction and watching the actual operation, the Singapore customer directly ordered two S9 UV lasers.


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