10W-15W uv laser

15W nanosecond UV laser cuts FPC continuously for 24 hours without dust

Jun 21 , 2021

15W nanosecond UV laser cuts FPC continuously for 24 hours without dust


FPC customer visit RFH company

Mr. Meng from Guangzhou needed to purchase high-power ultraviolet lasers to cut FPC circuit boards, so he specially visited RFH company. Firstly, he visited the dust-free workshop production line of ultraviolet lasers. The lasers in production have undergone a number of inspections and procedures to ensure quality and using effect.


Why choose uv laser scribing and cutting FPC

The ultraviolet laser belongs to a cold light source, with a small spot and little thermal influence. Scribing or cutting on the surface of the FPC will not be carbonized or burrs, and will not damage the characteristics of FPC electronic materials. In addition, the RFH UV laser is an environmentally friendly and green product. In addition to being able to operate continuously for 24 hours, it will not generate dust during operation.


Purchase high-power UV laser

After visiting the complete production line and product production process, Mr. Meng decisively placed an order to purchase a RFH expert III 355 high-power UV laser

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