3W,5W,10W uv laser

uv laser engraving black color in white plastic with clearly printing effect marking

Mar 24 , 2021

3W-10W laser engraving black color in white plastic with no-touch and more clearly printing effect marking

The power of public praise contributes to the success of the transaction! A plastic marking customer has ordered new product S9 UV laser


Quality creates trust, and public praise is unstoppable.

Manager Zhou from Anhui, has heard from friends that the RFH laser has high stability, sufficient power, and no power attenuation. Therefore, he directly ordered a new RFH S9 ultraviolet laser. Thank customers for their support and trust in RFH.


S9 nanosecond laser marking technology has a wide range of applications in the electronic 3C industry, such as plastic mobile phone cases, earphone cases, charging heads, power banks, etc. The depth of the marking color is determined by the power and defocus. The common ones are white which is marked on black plastic, or black on white plastic, the fonts and patterns that are printed have no-touch and more clearly printing effect marking.

 uv laser


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