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10w green laser to drill holes in glass cup

Sep 16 , 2023

10w green laser to drill holes in glass

drill hole in glass

With the continuous development of science and technology, laser technology has been widely used in various industries. Among them, the 10w green laser, as a high-energy laser, is widely used in industry, medical, scientific research and other fields. This article will discuss how to use a 10w green laser to drill holes in a glass cup.


First, let’s understand the basic principles of 10w green laser. Green lasers generally use erbium-doped or magnesium-doped fluoride crystals as the working material, and perform energy level transitions under certain conditions to produce monochromatic coherent lasers of about 10W. This laser has the advantages of high energy, high brightness, and high directivity, so it is widely used in various high-precision drilling, cutting, welding and other processes.


When drilling glass, the working principle of the 10w green laser is to focus the laser on the surface of the glass and form a small hole by heating and melting it. Since the spot diameter after focusing by the laser is very small, the drilling accuracy is very high, and the size and shape of the drilling can be effectively controlled. In addition, due to the higher energy of the green laser, drilling can be completed in a shorter time, improving work efficiency.

In actual operation, using a 10w green laser to drill holes in a glass requires following certain operating procedures. First, you need to choose the appropriate glass material and thickness, and determine the location and size of the holes. Then, set the power, speed and other parameters of the laser as needed, and monitor and adjust the drilling process in real time. Finally, the punched glass needs to be cleaned and inspected to ensure that the quality and accuracy of the punched holes meet the requirements.


In short, using a 10w green laser to drill holes in glass cups is an efficient and high-precision processing method. By rationally selecting materials, setting laser parameters and controlling operating procedures, high-quality drilling results can be achieved. In the future, with the continuous development of technology, it is believed that 10w green laser will be more widely used in various glass cup drilling processes.

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