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355nm UV laser marking plastic buttons

Aug 08 , 2022

355nm UV laser marking plastic buttons


Some icons will need to be marked on the plastic buttons, such as mouse, keyboard, remote control, etc. The traditional marking method on plastic buttons will fade and fall off due to frequent touch, so it will cause some trouble to people during use, especially on some important buttons, the marking is very strict, and In order to mark the plastic buttons beautifully and for a long time, they have to use a laser marking machine to mark them. Common plastic key laser marking machines include carbon dioxide laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine.



Plastic key laser marking sample

At present, plastics are widely used and are indispensable components in home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PCs, medical equipment, and lighting appliances. Benefiting from a good external environment, the industry has also achieved rapid development, and the development of downstream industries has further boosted the demand for plastics.


Contrary to the traditional method, the UV laser marking machine is very fast and accurate in laser processing, the graphics can be customized by computer programming, and it is environmentally friendly and healthy, with low consumables. In various application practices, UV marking on plastic materials is better. Compared with other types of lasers, when using UV lasers, black marking can be achieved by selectively carbonizing the lower layer of the plastic surface.



UV laser marking machine


The energy of the ultraviolet laser output of the short wavelength ultraviolet laser stimulates the photochemical reaction of the material, and the ultraviolet laser avoids excessive heat output. When processing some sensitive materials, such as plastics containing flame retardants, the ultraviolet laser can achieve high resolution Mark with the best surface quality and the fastest machining speed. Compared with infrared and green lasers, ultraviolet lasers do not require expensive laser-sensitive additives during material processing, and can achieve significantly faster processing speeds and better marking quality. Shangtuo laser plastic key laser marking machine uses laser beams to mark permanent marks on the surface of various substances. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, so as to engrave exquisite patterns, trademarks and words, and the marking is clear and permanent. The laser marking machine has good beam quality and extremely small focusing spot, which can realize ultra-fine marking.

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