3W,5W,10W uv laser

355nm UV Laser source Application Samples

Jun 09 , 2023

Ultraviolet (UV) lasers offer extremely high photon energy. It can be applied to a wide range of applications. JPT’s Lark and Seal series laser sources produce high efficient UV laser for high speed processing. Let’s have a look at JPT’s UV laser application samples.

UV Laser Sample Application - Plastic Marking

UV plastic marking 2

UV laser is a better choice for 3C Marking industry. 

Marking Requirement:

Make contrast color on plastic with smooth surface.

Marking Matrix:

  • F-Lens: F170
  • Power: 1.5W
  • Frequency: 20kHZ
  • Hatch: 0.025mm
  • Marking Speed:1200mm/s

UV Laser Sample Application - Package Marking

UV laser package marking 2

Marking Requirement:

contrast color and processing time less than 0.2s

Marking Matrix

  • F-Lens: F254+
  • Power: 1.0W
  • Frequency: 80-100kHZ
  • Hatch: Single line
  • Marking Speed:4000mm/s

UV Laser Sample Application - Glass Processing

UV laser glass processing 1
Marking inside without crack
Surface marking

 UV Laser Sample Application - Ceramic Marking

UV laser ceramic marking 2

Marking Requirement:

Contrast color and smooth surface

Marking Matrix:

  • F-Lens: F254
  • Power: 1.8W
  • Frequency: 35kHZ
  • Hatch: 0.025
  • Marking Speed: 2000mm/s

UV laser Sample Application - Cutting

UV laser cutting 1
UV laser cutting 2
UV laser cutting 4
  • Glass
  • Rubber
  • PCB
  • FPCB
  • Paper
  • Ceramic

UV Laser Sample Application - Ceramic Cutting

Marking Requirement:

Precise cutting and Smooth edge

Marking Matrix:

  • F-Lens: F100 or F160
  • Power: 10W
  • Frequency: 50kHZ
  • Marking Speed: 500~1000mm/s

UV Laser Sample Application - 3D Print

UV laser 3D printing 1
UV laser 3D printing 2
UV laser 3D printing 3
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