3W,5W,10W uv laser

3W-10W UV solid-state laser is good at: laser engraving on plastic switch panel

Jun 01 , 2021

3W-10W UV solid-state laser is smaller, more precise, and you can’t do without

3W-10W UV solid-state laser is good at: laser engraving on plastic switch panel

3W-10W laser is dedicated to laser engraving of plastic buttons on switch control panel


In today's era of rapid development of the Internet, people are looking forward to a more convenient, fast, smart and safe living experience while enjoying a better life. This makes the concept of smart home increasingly mature and popular. It is fortunate to see that with the advent of the 5G market, smart homes will be equipped with the "faster Internet experience", which will enter thousands of households, and more high-end smart home products will break through the imagination of human beings. ,

uv laser

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To enter the intelligent life of mankind faster. Smart homes can use the Internet to connect various devices in the home in series. These devices include environmental control systems, networked home appliance systems, lighting systems, security systems, etc. Make home life more environmentally friendly, comfortable, safe, convenient and smart. It can be said that you really know home life better than yourself. The realization of the concept of smart home mainly relies on the following three types of high-level technologies, which are wireless communication technology, bus technology and power line carrier communication technology. In addition, a high-quality smart home is indispensable with clear logos and precise micro-machining processes, all of which are good at laser processing. The production of smart home products is inseparable from laser processing. Smart homes are becoming more complex and sophisticated. Its appearance is to bring a better user experience, smaller, more sophisticated, and smarter.


This high requirement undoubtedly can no longer be processed by traditional printing, CNC, stamping and other technologies that are extremely unstable and have a great damage rate. At this time, the emergence of laser technology provides more possibilities for intelligent manufacturing. It uses light and wire for production and processing by controlling the light-emitting process of molecules and atoms that are extremely small in size, large in number, and extremely chaotic in motion. And this processing ability can be applied to all kinds of precise and intelligent equipment processing, and is suitable for all kinds of materials. Ultraviolet lasers can quickly destroy the chemical bonds of substances directly through the cold working process, without generating any heat to the object and the surrounding environment during the whole process, which provides more possibilities for the processing of objects of different materials. Solid-state ultraviolet lasers are suitable for more refined micromachining. Its powerful energy output and extremely high peak power greatly improve production efficiency and reduce damage rates. Whether it is the product shell, PCB panel or labeling, solid-state UV laser technology can be used for processing. RFH solid-state UV laser S9 is coming. If you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools.


To achieve high-quality processing of smart homes, UV lasers can be said to be indispensable, but if you want to have a cost-effective, stable quality, and operation Convenient solid-state UV lasers are relatively rare. A good processing equipment will provide more help for the high-quality production of smart homes and continuous personalized innovation. RFH Laser has devoted 13 years of research and development, and continues to provide the market with lasers with stable power, high integration, excellent beam quality, long life, high speed and high precision. The cost-effective S9 series of solid-state UV lasers developed through continuous innovation have achieved a high accuracy of ±0.01mm, while being smaller and more stable, and can be efficiently used in various flying marking equipment fields. 3W-10W UV laser product features: 1. Small and exquisite design, no need to make a large optical path, reducing cost and space; 2. Unique Q-switching control technology, suitable for various laser application control needs; 3. Built-in cavity Purification system, longer life, more stable operation; 4. The cavity structure is strong and stable, and can produce a variety of power lasers; 5. All-digital intelligent power control technology supports communication with computers; 6. The laser can be remotely controlled, Integrated design, convenient for equipment integration

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