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532nm green laser engraving carved leather shoes, minimal kerf widths and low heat-affected zones

Jul 23 , 2021

532nm green laser engraving carved leather shoes, minimal kerf widths and low heat-affected zones


Leather shoes, as the name suggests, are generally shoes made of leather materials through various processes. Whether it is a man or a woman, whether it is an elderly or a child, such a pair of leather shoes is indispensable in the shoe cabinet. Relatively speaking, the importance of leather shoes to men is almost self-evident. From life to work, from leisure to entertainment, they are all separated. Do not open the embellishment of leather shoes. A pair of high-quality leather shoes is also a manifestation of man's taste and temperament. Leather laser engraving machine, a new revolution in leather shoe cutting.


Leather laser engraved hollow

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A simple piece of leather, through the simple operation of the leather laser engraving machine, immediately shows its unique style. The neatly arranged large and small round holes and the scattered hollow carvings show the quality in the details, which not only improves the breathability of the leather shoes, but also increases the sense of fashion.


Leather shoes laser drilling


After experiencing the baptism of the cycle of time, hollow carved leather shoes have been ever-changing. Through the influence of the culture of the times and the technological reform of the leather laser engraving machine, leather shoes are no longer just a pair of shoes, it also demonstrates a kind of fashion and beauty. Has been given new popular features. In the traditional leather shoe manufacturing process, the patterns and patterns of leather shoes are all carved out by hand. Nowadays, a leather laser engraving machine that integrates cutting, engraving, hollowing and perforating is integrated, which can quickly realize the engraving of patterns and patterns on leather, which is a breakthrough. The traditional manual die cutting process greatly reduces the labor production cost, and the non-contact laser processing technology will not damage the leather surface, and preserve its original quality and texture. It is favored by the majority of leather shoe manufacturers and becomes the priority of leather shoe cutting, perforation and engraving. choose.


Laser drilling and carving of leather shoes

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