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5W UV laser marks date on cartons

Sep 16 , 2023

5W UV laser marks date on cartons


First, let us understand the characteristics of 5W UV laser. The UV laser is a high-energy laser that can heat the carton surface to high temperatures in a short time to form visible marks. With an output power of up to 5W, this laser can produce a deeper burn effect on the surface of the carton, resulting in a more eye-catching mark.

However, when using a 5W UV laser for carton marking, you need to pay attention to the following points. First, the wavelength of the UV laser is very short, so its beam is very concentrated and requires precise alignment on the carton surface during operation. Secondly, the output power of the UV laser is very high, so it can cause severe burning on the surface of the carton in a short time, thereby forming marks. Therefore, the operator needs to have certain technical experience to ensure the quality and appearance of the mark.


In addition, the use of 5W UV lasers also has certain limitations. First, due to the short wavelength of the UV laser, its marking area is small and it is not suitable for mass production. Secondly, due to the high output power of the ultraviolet laser, it will cause certain damage to the surface of the carton by burning it, thus affecting the quality and service life of the carton.


To sum up, 5W UV laser is a very effective method for marking dates on cartons. Its high output power and short wavelength can form visible marks, but it also has certain limitations and operational difficulties. These factors need to be fully considered during the application process, and the appropriate laser and parameter settings should be selected according to actual needs to ensure marking quality and carton performance.

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