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Advantages of uv laser marking machine marking QR code

Mar 07 , 2021

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Advantages of laser marking machine marking QR code 

In today’s technological era, QR codes are extremely important. Some packaging industries will choose QR codes to replace the previous barcodes as new production information; some manufacturing companies will use QR codes to scan and introduce detailed pages for each product… The QR code has now appeared in us It can store a lot of information in every corner of life. As a new type of publicity and marketing method, it is slowly being used by more and more merchants. Smart phones give birth to QR codes, and laser printers give birth to QR codes.

Accurate QR codes are especially important. However, some products cannot print two-dimensional codes due to their own material; some products are too small, and the printed two-dimensional codes will be unclear, which makes it impossible to scan and transfer; some products can print two-dimensional codes, but they are not refined enough.

And it will be worn away; here, Triumph Laser recommends that you choose Triumph fiber laser marking machine to mark the two-dimensional code, because the two-dimensional code marked by the laser marking machine is more accurate, beautiful and durable. Grinding, so that the product looks higher grade, enhance the brand awareness of the product. Below, the Triumph laser company will analyze the specific advantages of QR code laser marking with you:

The laser marking machine belongs to non-contact processing. It can print without touching the surface of the object during marking, so it will not cause damage to the workpiece;

2. The laser marking machine can mark on a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc., and is widely used in various industries;

3. The laser marking machine can be integrated with other equipment on the production line to improve the automation of the production line;

4. The marking of the laser marking machine is clear, durable, beautiful, and effective anti-counterfeiting. The marking will not fade due to environmental relations (touch, acid

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