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Application and advantages of fiber laser marking machine in automobile parts

Feb 26 , 2021

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Application and advantages of fiber laser marking machine in automobile parts 

In recent years, advanced technologies represented by laser processing, industrial robots, and digital control are continuously promoting the upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry. As an advanced processing method, laser is destined to bring revolutionary breakthroughs to the development of the automobile manufacturing industry.

With the promulgation of laws and regulations on automobile safety in the country, high requirements have been placed on the uniqueness of automobiles and parts. Laser barcodes and QR codes are often used for auto parts tracing, which not only satisfies the system of recalling defective products of complete vehicles. At the same time, it also realizes parts information collection and quality traceability, which has important special significance for the current automobile manufacturing industry.

 The fiber laser marking machine engraves Chinese characters on automobile signs, connecting rods, water pumps, pistons, piston rings, valve connecting rods, engine shells, gearboxes, springs, sealing strips, radiators, wipers, car lights, etc. English, numbers, dates, graphics, two-dimensional codes, barcodes and other information can also be printed on the car body, frame, chassis, beam, etc. factory number, production number, factory name and trademark. Greatly improve production efficiency and improve product market competitiveness.

A variety of different codes-regardless of length, width, dynamic or static, graphics or text, laser coding can be realized on different sizes of packaging, the printed code can also have different directions, can use different languages, and can be used Solid or dashed lines.

Generally, automobile buttons are made of plastic or metal materials. The triumph fiber laser marking machine can easily deal with various mainstream button materials. The surface materials of automobile buttons are locally irradiated by a high-energy laser beam, so that the surface material vaporizes 

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