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Application of laser cutting in medical equipment

May 22 , 2021

Application of laser cutting in medical equipment


       In recent years, laser cutting has become more and more widely used in the production and application of medical devices. Due to the characteristics of high processing accuracy, fast speed, non-contact cutting, and flexible processing, laser cutting machines have become a common production tool in the medical device industry. All conventional materials are processed for welding, cutting and marking.

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       Whether in the production of metal materials in endoscopes, medical devices or implants. Laser cutting machines work accurately, quickly and repetitively, and can achieve excellent processing quality. Certain products cannot even be produced without lasers, such as pacemakers. The laser can weld the titanium shell in a sealed and air-free manner. Since the cutting section is of good quality, no subsequent processing is required, saving time and labor costs.



      On the endoscope, the laser welds thin tubes together and cuts drilled holes and joints. The precise and quantitative laser pulse has a small area of ​​action, which makes the thermal reaction zone of the workpiece small and ensures that the workpiece will not be distorted. Laser cutting can make the surface of the workpiece smooth, minimize burrs, and does not require subsequent processing. Due to its high flexibility, the laser can be well adapted to different areas of the medical device industry, such as processing orthopedic implants and so on.

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