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Application of Laser Welding Machine in Kitchenware Industry

Mar 12 , 2021

Application of Laser Welding Machine in Kitchenware Industry

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Kitchen utensils are divided into many types. In terms of materials, there are ceramics, plastics, stainless steel and so on. Today we are talking about kitchenware made of metal and stainless steel. We know that one of the processes in the production of kitchenware is laser welding.


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Working principle of laser welding machine


Laser welding machine is a process that uses a focused high-energy laser beam to melt and connect materials to form a good welding joint. Laser welding has the characteristics of fast welding speed, small deformation of the workpiece, large weld fusion ratio, fine grain size, simple post-weld processing, and good weld quality. It can weld the same or dissimilar materials or refractory under various special environments. material.


The use of laser welding machine in the production of embedded kitchen utensils


In the materials for embedded kitchenware, through thickening and double-layer stainless steel design, the product itself has improved anti-fall and anti-corrosion effects. In addition, the thickened stainless steel design is more resistant to high temperatures and impacts than most plastic electrical appliances, which not only prolongs the use time of the product, but also significantly improves the safety of use.


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In the processing of embedded kitchen utensils, in order to achieve better welding results, more and more home appliance companies adopt laser welding technology. Today, kitchen appliances are increasingly pursuing texture, and they are a good helper in the production of appliances.


Advantages of laser welding


Compared with arc welding, the kitchenware laser welding machine saves about 80%-90% of electric energy, and the processing cost can be reduced by about 30%. It can weld dissimilar steels and dissimilar metals, and can easily complete mechanization and automation. Fast speed, small deformation, small heat-affected zone, high aspect ratio. The welding seam is beautiful, smooth, without air holes, no need to handle or simple treatment after welding, small spotlight, no pollution, high-precision positioning, the handheld laser welding machine can be used for small open parts and precise welding.


Because of the extremely low heat input during laser welding of kitchenware, the amount of deformation after welding is very small, and a very beautiful welding surface can be obtained. There are few subsequent welding treatments. Hand-held laser welding machines can greatly reduce or eliminate huge polishing and leveling. The labor cost of the process.


The popularity of laser welding machines


The traditional welding machine technology uses the characteristics of high temperature when welding, and then the welding effect is poor due to poor temperature and time control. However, since the laser welding machine came out, its welding effect has been loved by everyone, and More and more companies use laser welding machines for processing and manufacturing.



When the laser welding machine is used for processing, the welding surface is very flat, and the problem of excessive surface dissolution area during traditional welding processing does not occur, so the welding quality of the laser welding machine is very good. Because the traditional welding is heated successively when the welding material is melted, the welding surface appears very rough. However, using a laser welding machine for welding and heating by a laser beam, the welding effect is ideal.

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