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Application of Mopa laser marking machine to marking black anodized aluminum

Mar 06 , 2021


Application of Mopa laser marking machine to marking black anodized aluminum 

With the rapid development of my country’s aluminum products, electronics, machinery and other industries, the market’s demand for alumina continues to grow. Alumina uses metal or alloy parts as anodes and uses electrolysis to form oxide films on the surface. The metal oxide film changes the surface state and properties, such as surface coloring, improving corrosion resistance, enhancing wear resistance and hardness, and protecting metal surfaces.

In the production process, companies want to engrave LOGO trademark text and patterns on these alumina products. How did these words or patterns get on? In fact, it is formed by laser marking processing.

The Triumph laser marking machine is fast and efficient in aluminum marking, and the patterns are clear and exquisite. So it is very popular. Like Apple mobile phone shell, keyboard markings, lighting industry and so on.

Anodized aluminum is used in many industries. Because of the uniqueness of aluminum oxide, ordinary lasers cannot produce black color. Aluminum can be painted gray or black-grey, but it can’t be blacker. Copper can’t be too black either. It’s good to be clear. This is also its special feature.

In fact, it is a special fiber laser marking machine that can really mark alumina into black. Our name is Triumph Mopa fiber laser marking machine. It adopts fiber laser to output laser, high electro-optical conversion rate, small size and good beam quality. It can perform shallow blackening effect on aluminum alloy (aluminum oxide, anodized aluminum) to achieve visual effects and durability. Triumph Mopa fiber laser marking machine can make black logos, text patterns, etc. on the surface of various colors of anodized aluminum.

The aluminum oxide black laser marking machine is different from the ordinary fiber laser marking machine. This laser marking machine adopts the pulse width adjustable mode, and the frequency can be adjusted up to 400Khz, which can directly mark the aluminum mater

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