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Ekspla NL230 series diode-pumped short nanosecond lasers

Mar 27 , 2023

The NL230 series diode-pumped short nanosecond lasers are designed to produce high-intensity, high-brightness pulses and are targeted for applications such as material ablation, Light Detection And Ranging (LIDAR), remote sensing, mass spectroscopy, OPO, Ti:Sapphire or dye laser pumping and many more. Diode pumping allows maintenance-free laser operation for an extended period of time – more than 3 years for an estimated eight working hours per day.


Because laser head components are placed in a robust, sealed and precisely machined monolithic aluminium block, this laser can reliably work in a harsh industrial environment with applications such as laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS).


Second and third harmonic options allows for an expanded range of applications, where high pulse energy and high pulse to pulse stability are required.


For easy and seamless control and integration with other industrial equipment, the NL230 series laser is equipped with USB/RS232 interfaces and can be externally triggered with a jitter as low as < 0.5 ns StDev.


NL230 series lasers are designed to work reliably 24/7 in an industrial environment.

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The video of 355nm 10W Ultra violet DPSS Laser Pulsed Laser System engraving jade



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