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High-precision marking of pharmaceutical packaging bottles by RFH ultraviolet laser without blur

Jan 20 , 2021

High-precision marking of pharmaceutical packaging bottles by RFH ultraviolet laser without blur


Medical products are different from other commodities because of their nature-used to protect and improve people's health. Therefore, from the pharmaceutical process to the packaging process, pharmaceutical products cannot tolerate any falsehood. The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the pharmaceutical industry puts pharmaceutical packaging in the same position as pharmaceuticals, which shows the importance of pharmaceutical product packaging. Ordinary people can't distinguish the true from the false from the quality of the medicine, only from the outer packaging. Therefore, the anti-counterfeiting of medical product packaging has become a top priority.

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The anti-counterfeiting technology on the packaging of medical products is quite complex, involving many fields such as optics, chemistry, physics, electromagnetics, computer technology, spectroscopy technology, printing technology, packaging technology and so on. Today, the RFH Laser Editor will introduce one of the technologies used-laser marking medical bottles (medical plastic bottles).


Some people may ask, can medical plastic bottles be processed with laser equipment? Will it not be burned through? Indeed, medicinal plastic bottles are made of PE, PP, PET and other materials, which cannot withstand high-temperature burning, but the laser marking process we will introduce today is a cold processing process. Next, we will explain in detail the RFHF-16 series 2W air-cooled ultraviolet laser widely used in the market for marking and processing medical plastic bottles.


RFHF-16 series 2W air-cooled UV diode-pumped pulsed solid-state lasers are developed by the doctoral team of RFH. It has a laser dedicated power control system (in-house research and development), which can update the power control system function modules in time, and according to laser requirements, Improve the functional module to ensure the stability of the laser during long-term operation; it also has a shorter pulse width (<20ns@30K), superior beam quality (M2<1.2), strict guarantee in all frequency ranges, and pulse The width is less than 20ns@30k, so the heat-affected area is very small during processing, so that the medical plastic bottle will not be burned through, and the marking information is very fine and beautiful, and will not be worn off.


Of course, the advantages of using RFH ultraviolet laser to mark and process medical plastic bottles are not only good quality, but also good economic effect. The RFH ultraviolet laser is an integrated design with unique Q-switching control technology, which is suitable for various laser application control needs, facilitates equipment integration, and performs mass laser marking processing and production, and high-speed assembly line processing. This is the reason why RFH ultraviolet lasers are widely used in RFH ultraviolet laser marking.


After 12 years of hard work, RFH Laser has established an excellent brand image in many laser processing industries.

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