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How does the 355nm UV laser mark the fabric?

Jun 21 , 2021

How does the 355nm UV laser mark the fabric?


What are the disadvantages of traditional cloth cutting

The disadvantage of the traditional cloth processing technology knife mold processing method is that it is easy to produce fabric fringing, and the processing accuracy is limited by the knife mold, the special-shaped graphics are difficult to process, the production cycle of the knife mold is long, and the cost is high, thus restricting the development of appliqué embroidery. However, the cutting after embroidering mostly adopts the hot-cutting method, which has the disadvantages of large cutting edge gaps, yellowing and hard edges, and difficulty in alignment. Special-shaped graphics rely on manual hand-cutting, and it is easy to fray, resulting in fabric processing failure.


Compared with traditional technology, fabric laser marking is very advanced and superior. It is the processing process of using the high energy density characteristics of the laser beam to project on the surface of the cloth, carving patterns or creating hollow patterns on the surface of the cloth. Fabric laser engraving has the incomparable superiority of ordinary die stamping processing methods. On the one hand, it is non-contact processing and has no direct impact on the fabric, so there is no mechanical deformation. On the other hand, there is no wear during the laser engraving process, so the fabric loss is small. , The product defect rate is extremely low. Moreover, in the laser engraving process, the laser beam has high energy density and fast processing speed, which is a local processing, which has no or minimal impact on the non-laser-irradiated parts of the fabric.

What are the advantages of laser marking fabrics


Ruifengheng laser series products have been tried and researched for many years in the process of fabric marking and laser manufacturing, and they have incomparable advantages for products of the same type. The specific performance is in the wide range of processing fabrics, smooth cutting without flash, automatic closing, no deformation, graphics can be designed and output by computer at will, no need for knife molds, etc. At the same time, laser marking has the characteristics of high marking accuracy, fast speed and clear marking, and can print various characters, symbols and patterns on the flat and curved surfaces of hard, soft and brittle products. Ruifengheng laser series products are compatible with the various advantages of laser cutting and engraving, and can be processed on precision fabrics, processing small and complex patterns. The printing mark has the anti-counterfeiting performance of non-wearing, waterproof and abrasion resistance, and can print various patterns and LOGO with complex and fine patterns. It is the choice for brand clothing and apparel processing. Below is the video of laser marking by Ruifengheng laser.


How to choose a UV laser for fabric marking


Ruifengheng series laser products can perform high-precision marking on fabrics, with clear and delicate effects, strong contrast, strong operability, and will not damage the material. There will be no text pattern deformation or non-deformation during the marking process. Clear, black font, etc. Ruifengheng S9 series UV lasers also have unique Q-switching control technology, fully digital intelligent power control, simple operation and low cost to get started. Compared with products of the same type, the volume is smaller, the design is more delicate, and the light output is more stable.



Ruifeng Heng Laser has a strong technical and service team, hoping to provide you with the best quality products and services, pursuing the most cutting-edge technology, the most fashionable design, and the most intimate service in laser fabric marking.

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