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How UV laser marking machine works?

Feb 22 , 2021

How UV laser marking machine works?

The laser energy is used to break the bonds between atoms or molecules, making them small molecules vaporize and evaporate. The focus spot is extremely small, and the processing heat affected zone is very small, so it can be ultra-fine marking and special material marking.

UV marking machine Advantages?

Laser equipment is developing and laser power of UV laser is also increasing.

UV laser marking machines have been used in the ultra-fine processing of high-end markets as:

On the surface of bottles Marking;

iPhone, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and other polymer materials;

Flexible PCB board marking, dicing;

Silicon wafer micro-hole, blind hole processing;

LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware surface;

Metal surface coating;

Plastic buttons, electronic originals, communications;

Gifts, equipment, building materials, etc.

uv laser

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