3W,5W,10W uv laser

Integrated 2-Axis Scanning with IPG UV laser Marking Module

Mar 27 , 2023


Integrated 2-Axis Scanning with IPG UV laser Marking Module


IPG Photonics brings ease and flexibility to laser marking integrators and OEMs by providing a complete UV laser marking module in one compact and cost effective package. The module consists of IPG new generation UV pulsed fiber laser fully integrated with a 2-axis scanning system. The high pulse energy of the IPG laser combined with the fast and accurate positioning of the scanning sub-module provide high marking speeds without sacrificing quality. The module also includes control electronics, scanning optics and a versatile marking software. This complete module comes fully optimized, pre-calibrated and designed to help integrators enhance their laser marking products.


Today, RFH can give another best choice. RFH also is  the leading solid state laser manufacturer in China.

Please see the RFH 5w 10w UV laser used for paint removal on plastic

What is S9 Series 3W 5W 10W UV Laser: https://www.rfhtech.com/s9-series-3w-5w-10w-uv-laser_p9.html 


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