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Internal engraving and frosting on glass with RFH UV laser

Nov 17 , 2023

Internal engraving and frosting on glass with RFH UV laser


Ultraviolet laser is one of the processing technologies that has attracted much attention in recent years. Its excellent performance and wide range of application fields have attracted people's attention. Among them, the internal engraving and frosting effects achieved by RFH UV laser on glass are even more popular among users.


UV lasers have significant advantages in glass processing. Glass is a brittle material with a strong ability to absorb laser light. Therefore, ultraviolet lasers can effectively apply high-energy-density laser beams to the glass surface to achieve fine processing effects.



The internal engraving effect achieved by the RFH ultraviolet laser on glass is to control the energy distribution of the laser beam with high precision to engrave patterns or text inside the glass. This processing method not only has the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency, but can also enhance the strength and beauty of the glass. Therefore, it is widely used in various occasions, such as handicraft production, decoration, etc.


The frosted effect is to form a uniform rough surface on the glass surface by controlling the energy density and action time of the laser beam, thereby achieving anti-slip, anti-reflective and other effects. This processing method not only improves the performance of the glass, but also enhances its aesthetics. Therefore, it is widely used in various fields, such as mobile phone covers, eyeglass lenses, etc.



In short, RFH UV laser has significant advantages and wide application fields in glass processing, and its internal engraving and frosting effects are very popular among users. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growing market demand, the application prospects of ultraviolet lasers in the field of glass processing will also become broader.

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