3W,5W,10W uv laser

Laser marking, cutting and welding for today’s tiny electronics

Apr 13 , 2021


Electronic parts are shrinking—limiting the available real estate for part names, serial numbers and other manufacturing identifiers. Our laser marking systems overcome this challenge. Paired with vision verification, they clearly and precisely etch information onto the surfaces of electronic parts—outperforming traditional ink, decal and molding methods.



Unlike mechanical cutting techniques, our laser PCB depaneling systems meet extremely close tolerances without damaging circuits and other fragile components. We’ve supplied our laser cutting systems to some of the top electronics manufacturing facilities in the world—helping them meet their unique application requirements.


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Electronics components are getting smaller—creating a new set of challenges for manufacturers who must now contend with less space and smaller tolerances. For example, devices contain millions of tiny circuits—all connected via welds that require micron-level laser beams.


Our laser welding and soldering systems meet this demand, letting you tightly arrange circuits and other components on PCBs without causing damage. As a result, you can add more components to each board, lower the amount of bad parts and improve your overall throughput.


uv laser

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