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Laser marking machine marks codes on glasses frames

Feb 24 , 2021

When we buy glasses, we will find that the two legs of the frame will have some characters composed of numbers and English, which should be used to identify the frame and also the brand logo of the merchant. As the glasses are used for a long time, the character will gradually fall off. This phenomenon is believed to be familiar to anyone who has worn glasses. This is also a point that manufacturers are constantly improving. In order to better solve this problem, many people choose to use laser marking machines to solve it.

uv laser

Laser marking machine marks codes on glasses frames

The glasses laser marking machine we are talking about today refers to the laser equipment marked on the frame. Through this laser marking, it is better for insiders and consumers to distinguish frame materials and eyewear brands and production information.


Many glasses manufacturers now use laser marking machines to mark information on the frames. The Triumph laser marking machine uses a high-energy laser beam to focus on the frame, so that the surface material is physically vaporized in a short time, so that exquisite pat

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