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laser marking machines for firearms

Mar 06 , 2021


laser marking machines for firearms 

What you need to Know about Laser Engraving Machines for firearms?

The gun business is a highly monitored and regulated sector.

It involves intricate tracking and traceability systems to give deserving people the right to own firearms, while still ensuring that licensed guns do not end up in the wrong hands.

This tracking and monitoring are highly aided by marks and labels engraved on gun surfaces.

Some private gun holders also love to have personalized markings to improve aesthetics on their guns.

Therefore, the technology of engraving marks on guns is popular.

Let us see how best to get your gun engraved with high quality designs.

What is Gun Engraving?

Gun engraving is a process that involves incising markings on a gun’s surface.

It is a high precision technology that requires clarity especially when engraving serial numbers and QR Codes.

A gun manufacturer is required to meet specific standards when engraving guns.

For this reason, they have to acquire the best gun laser engraving machines.

Engraving is done using either mechanical or laser engraving techniques.

Gun engraving machines are used to provide the technical regulatory requirements including gun serialization, clip tracking marks, traceability QR codes and hard coat anodized marking.

Other fancier stuff can be achieved with laser engraving for guns. These include names, logos, images, artwork and personal messages for a more personalized touch.

Gun Laser engraving has now been adopted to achieve high quality engraving, without the extra work required with the older techniques.

It is a sub-category of laser marking technology in which laser beams are projected onto a surface to vaporize material and etch on the surface of a gun.

A design is made using software, and loaded onto the computer, the software translates into digital signals which guide the engraving head to reproduce the pattern on the marking surface.

It is a subtractive manufacturing method which uses a laser beam to change the surface of a gun.


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