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Jun 03 , 2023

Laser ultraviolet (UV) marking machines are known for their high absorption rates, which enable them to mark various materials with minimal heat damage and excellent contrast, especially on plastic and organic materials.


If you’re looking for a durable and dependable UV laser engraving machine for your application needs, Telesis Technologies, Inc. offers cutting-edge solutions.


UVCDS vs. UV/One™ System Features and Technical Specifications


Our UV laser marking machines feature small but powerful laser beams that enable high-precision micro-marking with exceptional resolution sharpness. These markers are ideal for cold marking applications where heat-affected zones must be eliminated.

UVCDS laser marking machine



The UVCDS is a versatile UV laser marking machine for plastic and silicone. This high-quality system minimizes the risk of heat-related damage with its cold marking methods, making it useful for materials that cannot be damaged or physically flawed.


This UV laser marker prevents micro-fracturing when marking fragile materials like glass, gemstones, medical instruments, solar panels, circuit boards and microchips. They can also mark silicon and some plastics with zero additives.


Technology options for the UVCDS include:


  • Mark-on-the-fly technology: Our mark-on-the-fly installations enable the UVCDS to mark at very high speeds.
  • iZONIT™ Vision System: This software allows users to set and review mark positions before firing the laser.
  • Vari-Z™ 3-Axis: With this technology, you can perform advanced marking applications on multiple planes and uneven surfaces without tooling changes.

Applications of Laser UV Marking Machines


UV laser engraving machines can mark various materials, including:


  • Plastics: Examples of markable plastics include acrylic, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and nylon.
  • Metals: UV lasers can surface mark certain metals
  • Wood: Mark nearly any wood. Types of wood for UV laser marking include walnut, oak, maple, birch, plywood, cherry and fiberboard.
  • Glass: Our laser markers can engrave glass without causing it to break or splinter.
  • Paper: You can cut and laser mark paper and cardboard with clear contrasts.

we will recommend you the famous band RFH UV laser brand in China.

Nanosecond uv pulsed laser engraving black on clear plastic cigarette holder


S9 Series 3W 5W 10W UV Laser

To meet the market demand, RFH newly developed S9 series UV laser in 2020. Comparing with its kinds, S9 series UV laser features with rugged sealed cavity, extremely compact size, simple and robust, high stability, high efficiency, high reliability and excellent laser beam quality.Its compact design suggests no necessity in building big light path, which greatly reduces space and cost and makes it easy to be installed into UV laser marking machines. In addition, S9 series cavity structure is more stability and more excellent scalability, which means the same laser cavity can be produces multi-power lasers , and the stability of different power ranges is greatly improved

Uv laser marker



Our UV/One™ laser marking machine helps companies save space with its compact all-in-one marker and controller design. You can easily integrate this UV laser engraver into your existing production lines while eliminating everyday consumables, resulting in reduced operational costs.


The UV/One™ suppresses the effects of heat when marking materials, preventing burrs and yellow tinting to promote a near-perfect surface finish.


Technical specifications of this UV laser marker include:


  • Rotary drive fixture: This component boosts UV laser marking efficiency when engraving nonsymmetrical, cylindrical and spherical objects.
  • Programmable tool post: Our tool post provides you with secure mounting and height adjustment capabilities to enhance laser marking.
  • iZONIT™ Vision System: Like the UVCDS, this laser marker is also equipped with our iZONIT™ Vision software for accurate laser positioning.
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