3W,5W,10W uv laser
  • S9 series 3W-5W UV laser for N95 face masks Dec 26 , 2020
    RFH S9 series laser features fast speed, high precision and high stability, making it an indispensable part in laser etching technique used for logo identification.    355nm UV laser has a very tiny focal spot and small heat affected zone with almost no damage by the heat effect, so it is often called as cold light source. Because of this, deformation or burning of the materials caused b...
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  • 355 uv laser can engrave over glass surfaces without a break Feb 10 , 2021
    355 uv laser can engrave over glass surfaces without a break The UV laser is one of those technologies that can engrave over glass surfaces without a break or overheat the material. You can create amazing engravings and patterns without splinter glass result. 
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  • UV light face mask? Feb 22 , 2021
    I was wondering if any one has tried to developed a face mask that uses UV light to sterilize air coming in unlike the N95 or surgical mask that just filter air. I tried to look online for any type of item, but could not find any. It may not be a novel ideal... I did see some type of PAPER cleaner system that used UV to clean, and a face mask that uses UV for acne... I was hopeful that a device li...
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