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RFH Infrared laser used for peeling paint mouse and keyboard

Mar 03 , 2023

RFH Infrared laser is used for wireless mouse, keyboard peeling paint, printing logo and lettering


Computers have become an indispensable high-tech tool in our life, work, and entertainment. As computer accessories, mice and keyboards with different functions have also received a lot of attention. The production of wireless keyboards and mice facilitates their use, and a new breakthrough has been made in the paint stripping technology of their logos


Gayle from South Korea recently came to RFH to visit the newly developed infrared laser, and used the infrared laser to strip the paint of the sample, and he was very satisfied with the result. The letter and logo paint stripping process on the wireless keyboard and mouse is realized through the laser spot under the production of infrared laser.

The small spot emitted by the infrared laser can perform a meticulous paint stripping process on the plastic surface, and the minimum accuracy of the designed letter shape is about 0.2mm, and there will be no dust, ink and other pollution during the paint stripping process. A truly green and environmentally friendly high-tech product.


At the same time, the paint stripping speed of the infrared laser is extremely fast, and it only takes a few seconds to complete the paint stripping process of a logo, and the graphic rules after the paint stripping have no glitches. The system independently developed by RFH can quickly identify the text required by the drawing, and it is also very convenient for the stripping and paint replacement of the graphic and text, and can carry out all production without special care.

Gayle has been very good at using RFH infrared lasers, and his praise for RFH soon let friends in the same industry know that RFH's reputation has opened up again.

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