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RFH UV laser marking IC electronic PCB circuit board date code

Jan 19 , 2021


RFH UV laser marking IC electronic PCB circuit board date code

In the 5G era, how can the RFH UV laser be missing for the date coding and marking of PCB circuit boards?


Before I knew it, RFH Laser spent another year with customers and friends. With the arrival of 2020, there is a new era-the 5G era. 5G technology has brought unlimited business opportunities to all walks of life, and the electronic component industry is one of them. With the advent of the 5G era, PCBs for electronic communications will also usher in a great time-both quantity and value will increase.

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In the future, the number of small base stations alone will reach tens of millions. The 5G base station with higher speed and frequency needs to integrate a larger area and higher number of layers of PCB; the thinning of electronic products such as 5G mobile phones and tablet computers that have been on the market and will be fully popularized has driven the increase of FPC (a kind of PCB) market space ; Automotive electronics, electrification, and intelligence will also bring incremental market space to PCBs.


The increase in PCB market space has put forward higher requirements for the PCB manufacturing industry. Manufacturers must provide the market with environmentally friendly PCB products of better quality, longer service life, and better application benefits at a faster speed. But how to guarantee and appraise this quality? Laser marking is one of these methods. Next, the editor will introduce to you a quality "appraisalist" of PCB circuit boards-RFHExpert Ⅱ 355 series ultraviolet laser.


Use RFHExpert Ⅱ 355 series ultraviolet laser to mark the date code, processing serial number, two-dimensional code and other information and patterns on the PCB circuit board to record relevant production information, and carry out the full traceability and quality control of the manufacturing of electronic products. Someone asked, the PCB circuit board material is so thin, how does the RFH laser ensure the marking quality, is the marking clear, and will the material burn out? The editor will use three aspects to tell you why RFH lasers can guarantee quality.


1. Ultra-fine laser light

RFHExpert Ⅱ 355nm UV laser has superior beam quality (M2<1.2), which is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; pulse width <20ns@30k, heat-affected area is small during processing, that is, no material is burned; perfect spot Features (light spot ellipticity>90%), so it can easily mark fine and thin PCB circuit boards.


2. Doctoral level R&D team as technical backing

RFH Laser currently has a top laser research and development team composed of professors, experts, and doctors at home and abroad (obtained 10 national patent certificates and 14 computer software copyright certificates), and established application process research and development department, laser research and development department, Electrical R&D Department. The team independently researches and develops the power supply technology, which can update the power control system functional modules in time, and improve the functional modules according to laser requirements. This is the solid backing for the stable operation of RFH's entire laser system.


Three, RFH laser has a rigorous production quality management system

RFH lasers are strictly controlled from procurement and pre-production quality inspection, to assembly, finished product testing, warehousing quality inspection, and to pre-delivery inspection to ensure stable quality and consistency of equipment parameters with actual operating parameters. Because of this, there is an RFH laser with excellent performance and longevity.


Because of its quality, RFH UV lasers are used by more and more companies to mark PCB circuit boards. In the 5G era, RFH will further consolidate its outstanding brand image in the laser processing industry.

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