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Ukraine customer buy RFH high efficiency compact UV 355 nm laser marking electronic scale glass and plastic surface

Dec 07 , 2022

Ukraine customer buy RFH high efficiency compact UV 355 nm laser marking electronic scale glass and plastic surface

In order to take into account the requirements of anti-counterfeiting and brand promotion, the appearance of the electronic scale is also marked with information such as product logo, parameters, and QR code. The manufacturer requires these marks to be clear and beautiful, and can be stored permanently, and will not be easily erased or damaged, especially the scale panel. The mark must be waterproof, stain-resistant and scratch-resistant.


15W uv laser engraving glass with reduced thermal damage

The front of the electronic weighing scale is made of tempered glass, and the base is made of ABS environmental protection material. It is not easy to achieve permanent marks on the front and the base at the same time. Labeling is easy to fall off and is not beautiful, while inkjet is easy to fade and blur. 355nm ultraviolet nanosecond laser is used for laser marking, and the output 355nm ultraviolet light can meet the requirements of high-quality marking graphic information on the surface of tempered glass and ABS plastic materials.



Since the 355nm ultraviolet laser is a cold light source, the material has a high absorption rate, and the processing process is called "photoetching" effect, so that the non-thermal process damage occurs in the active area, and the thermal effect is low. The very narrow pulse width (about 25ns) makes the heat-affected zone very small. Small, the material does not deform or burn during marking, so it is suitable for fine micro-processing, and there are more suitable processing materials, such as glass, ceramics, plastics, polymers, etc. are generally applicable. At the same time, the beam quality is high (M2<1.2), and the light spot is very small, which can realize the fine marking of the two episodes of Victoria's Secret, output the designed pattern through the PC terminal, and quickly realize the marking pattern, text, trademark logo, QR code, Permanent information such as barcodes, the whole process is very fast, the marking is clear and three-dimensional, and it is natural. Even if it is dirty and wiped gently, it can still be clear, instantly improving the high-end and fashionable beauty of the electronic scale.

What is 355nm ultraviolet laser : https://www.rfhtech.com/s9-series-3w-5w-10w-uv-laser_p9.html 

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