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Ultraviolet laser marking black plastic has the characteristics of fast speed

Apr 12 , 2021

Ultraviolet laser marking black plastic has the characteristics of fast speed


Ultraviolet lasers are widely used in the plastics industry due to their low thermal influence, and their dominance is optical fiber, which is beyond the reach of CO2 lasers. White and black or black and white products can be seen everywhere on plastic, such as mobile phone buttons, plastic transparent buttons, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, communication products, signs, sanitary ware, hardware products, tool accessories, There are countless industries such as precision equipment, glasses and watches, jewelry, auto parts, luggage buckles, locks, cooking utensils, stainless steel products, PVC pipes, and medical equipment.


With 13 years of UV laser marking technology and research and development experience, RFH UV lasers have the three characteristics of fast speed, high precision and high stability, which are deeply favored by the plastic marking industry and can be regarded as a good laser engraving machine for plastic black and white laser engraving. Match.

This has to be introduced, the classic version of the RFH Expert II 355nm UV laser.


Expert Ⅱ 355nm UV laser has a wide range of repetition frequency (single pulse to 200kHz), which can be absorbed by the material well, and it is less destructive to the material, sterile 0 pollution, the identification code will never fall off, the writing is clear and easy to identify, which is very suitable Mark the surface of plastic material.


At the same time, it has superior beam quality (M2<1.2), which is strictly guaranteed in all frequency ranges; pulse width <20ns@30k, the heat-affected area during processing is small, and it supports digital intelligent power control, simple operation, and low hands-on cost , Which can meet the mass production needs of enterprises.


Why is RFH able to manufacture such a high-quality UV laser?

After 13 years of development, RFH Laser currently has a global industrial laser R&D team composed of domestic and foreign professors, experts, and doctors. It has established an application process R&D department, a laser R&D department, and an electrical R&D department. There are 10 national patent certificates issued, 14 A computer software copyright certificate was awarded to a high-tech enterprise plaque.


The UV lasers developed and produced are all sealed production in a dust-free workshop, and more from procurement-pre-production quality inspection control-rigorous assembly process-finished product testing-warehousing quality inspection-pre-delivery inspection-after-sales service, layer by layer Check to ensure stable quality and consistency of equipment parameters with actual operating parameters. This is the reason for the superior quality and longer life of RFH brand lasers.

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