3W,5W,10W uv laser

uv laser marking new energy lithium battery industry

May 26 , 2021

Entering a new era, countries are occupying the highest point of the new energy vehicle strategy, and electric vehicles are one of the main themes of current and future changes. At present, the bottleneck restricting the rapid popularization of the consum


Laser New Energy Equipment Division specializes in the new energy lithium battery industry, providing customers with professional customized automation equipment systems. Widely used in modules, packs, soft packs, batteries and other complete line systems. Through independent research and development and mergers and acquisitions, the division completes technology and market integration, providing global customers with leading international intelligent manufacturing solutions.

Han’s laser develops rapidly and stably in the direction of mixer, coating machine and liquid injection machine, and has strong market competitiveness. After three years of resource integration, Han's laser combines its own "welding" advantage, and now it has basically possessed the overall lithium. The battery equipment supply capacity, and the delivery of a number of complete line projects, has been well received by customers.



In 2018, in order to provide efficient battery production workshops and factory turnkey projects as soon as possible, Han’s Laser has increased the research and development manpower and material resources for winding and die-cutting equipment, and achieved remarkable technical results. With the rapid advancement of R&D technology, The company will become a core power battery equipment supplier with strong capital, advanced technology and strong production capacity.

uv laser

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