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UV Lasers 355nm 100mW from Coherent

Mar 23 , 2023

The Genesis CX SLM-Series single longitudinal TEM00 mode is intended for single frequency, and interferometric applications, and is available at 355 nm , 460 nm, 480 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 532 nm, and 577 nm with up to 4W of output power.


Based on Coherent’s unique Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser (OPSL) technology, the Genesis CX SLM-Series features single frequency operation for the most demanding of applications. This, combined with stable beam parameters across output powers, a diffraction limited beam, lowest noise and high stability, provides unparalleled laser performance in a convenient package. Moreover, the Genesis CX SLM-Series comes with or without a front panel interface. However, the software can not only interface with your existing design, but it can also be used as a standalone graphical user interface.


The Genesis CX SLM-Series provides up to 100 mW of UV laser light or up to 4W of visible laser light from either a simple, CDRH-compliant turn-key system, or an OEM system. To this end, it is designed in such way that it allows easy mechanical integration into commercial instruments and production tools.


As for the features, it has Single Longitudinal Mode, Single Transverse Mode (TEM00), air or water-cooled solutions, as well as power Invariant beam quality. Consequently, it is ideal for spectroscopy, interferography and holography. As such, the Genesis CX SLM-Series is the perfect match for customers in need of the highest performing CW laser technology for research and instrumentation in life science and biological applications.


As the leading industrial solid-state laser manufacturer in China, RFH laser company offer 355nm ultraviolet laser, 532nm green laser and customized laser for a broad range of commercial, industrial, and scientific applications.



RFH Nanosecond uv pulsed laser engraving glass

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