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What are the advantages of 355nm UV laser marking machine?

Sep 26 , 2022

What are the advantages of 355nm uv laser marking machine?

There are a variety of users in the market to choose from, including fiber optic machines, CO2 laser marking machines, 355nm uv laser marking machines, and 355nm uv laser marking machines, etc. Fiber laser marking machines have been chosen and used by many users, while other equipment, such as 355nm uv laser marking machines, are rarely used by users.


Ultraviolet laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking equipment. It is commonly referred to as a laser engraver and is used for surface and internal engraving of glass and crystal products.


355nm uv laser marking machine is a common type of laser marking machine. 355nm uv laser marking machine adopts side pump, which is different from semiconductor end pump laser marking machine: 532 nm green laser output, small spot diameter after focusing, concentrated energy, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and good beam. The whole machine is well protected, the marking control is convenient, and the PLC program control is adopted to realize one-key start.


355nm uv laser marking machine is suitable for surface engraving of glass products, such as mobile phone screens, LCD screens, optical devices (such as optical lenses) and automotive glass.


At the same time, it can be applied to the surface treatment or coating treatment of most metal and non-metal materials, such as hardware, ceramics, glass, watches, PCs, electronic equipment, various instruments, PCB boards and control panels, nameplate display boards, plastics Wait. Compared with similar products, it is cost-effective.

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