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What are the functions of UV laser marking machine?

Sep 26 , 2022

What are the functions of UV laser marking machine?



The UV laser marking machine is suitable for engraving applications such as food, packaging material marking, micro-hole punching, plastic, glass materials and silicon wafers for complex graphics cutting and other applications.


So what are the functions of the UV laser marking machine? Xiaobian will take you to see:


1. On the basis of cold processing, when using cold laser processing, the probability of material influence is reduced, so that the advantages of its processing have been applied. It is believed that in the future laser market, ultraviolet laser will gradually be widely used.


2. Ultraviolet laser marking equipment, with the characteristics of laser equipment, can realize the function of online flying marking on the assembly line, mainly for shallow marking of thin and fragile items such as photovoltaic solar glass, etc.


3. Ultraviolet laser processing becomes cold processing because the high-energy molecules of ultraviolet photons directly detach the molecules on the metal or non-metallic materials to be processed. However, this detachment leads to the separation of the molecules from the material. This way of working does not work. Heat will be generated. Because of the way of working that does not generate heat, the method of UV laser processing has become cold processing. This source is also different from traditional lasers.


4. Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to a kind of product in the laser marking machine series. Because the traditional laser marking machine uses laser and thermal processing technology, it has limited development in terms of fineness. However, ultraviolet laser marking machine The machine adopts a kind of cold processing, so the fineness and thermal influence are reduced to a very low level, which is an improvement of laser technology.

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