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What is Laser marking machine?

Feb 20 , 2021

uv laser

The laser marking machine (laser marker) uses laser beam to mark permanently info on the surface of different materials.

The effect of marking is to expose deep substances, through the evaporation of surface materials, so engrave exquisite patterns, trademarks and text.

Marking machines are mainly divided into:

Fiber laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, and uv laser marking machines.

At present, laser markers are mainly used in some occasions that require finer and higher precision.

For example:

Electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile phone communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses and watches, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, etc.

There are many types of laser marking machines, and the marking machines used in each industry will be different.

Let HUMMA LASER introduces three types of machines:

Fiber laser marking machine

Co2 laser marking machine

UV laser marking machine


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