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Glass customer order RFH 532nm green laser without hesitation

Jul 15 , 2021

Glass customer order RFH 532nm green laser without hesitation


Mr. Chen from Dalian runs a glass manufacturing factory. The glass produced by him is exquisite in design and well-made. However, under the continuous impact of the glass market, he needs a comprehensive upgrade to produce more popular glasses.

And RFH became his choice. Mr. Chen, who ordered the green laser on the Internet, came to RFH production workshop to inspect and deliver the goods. RFH green laser emits a wavelength of 532nm, which has little thermal effect on the surface of the glass. It can mark and engrave all kinds of patterns on the surface of glass products, and even the goblet can be completed in rotation with high-quality markings.


After the visit, Mr. Chen decisively decided to reach a deeper cooperation with RFH by using the ordered green laser, because such a company that gathers cutting-edge laser technology and maximizes its excellent performance in production is worthy of trust and reliability. .

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