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Why do the wafer customer chose RFH 3&5W UV laser source for marking

Jul 14 , 2021

Why do the wafer customer chose RFH 3&5W UV laser source for marking


The wafer production line operated by Mr. Zhang from Zhejiang is facing a complete replacement, so he came to RFH headquarters to learn about RFH UV lasers that are well received in the industry.


In the dust-free production workshop, the UV laser, which is undergoing quality inspection, emits a small spot, which easily draws a shape on the prepared sample. The main ultraviolet light source can sensitively distinguish the processing parts marked in the design, the beam spot is uniform and compact, and the light transmittance is quite superior.


Ultraviolet laser uses laser non-contact marking technology, no need to add additional consumable materials such as ink. It has great advantages in environmental protection, safety, reliability and cost, which saves a lot of money for Mr. Zhang's production line .


After the visit, Mr. Zhang was quite satisfied with RFH S9 UV laser and quickly placed an order. Moreover, he commented: "Simple operation, ultra-stable quality, 0.02mm high precision, RFH UV laser is a very good auxiliary tool."

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