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How to solve glass marking with uv laser source

Jul 13 , 2021

How to solve glass marking with uv laser source 


S9 glass bottle scale marking, full of advantages!

RFH S9 series ultraviolet lasers take the lead in the application field of glass bottle marking by virtue of its advantages in energy cross-concentration, high resolution, narrow pulse width, short wavelength, and fast light speed. The printed scale is clear and accurate, without any burrs.


S9 glass rotating marking, convenient and fast!

RFH S9 series lasers can perform rotary marking on glass cups, with clear and delicate effects, strong contrast, strong operability, and a wide range of applications. It will not cause damage to the glass, and during the marking process there will be no words or pattern deformation, unclear words or pattern, black font, etc. , and the marking effect is very silky.


S9 bulb rotating marking is the best choice!


Use RFH S9 series laser for bulb marking, you can fix the bulb in a specific fixture, adjust the rotating light position and angle according to the marking position and content, and mark the logo and words on the surface of the bulb. S9 series laser marking the bulbs in one smooth motion, with the characteristics of clear, precise and fast marking.


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