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Marking glassware should choose a 35W green laser

Jun 11 , 2021

Marking glassware should choose a 35W green laser

Whether it is glass art, glassware or glass buildings, the usage of glass marking is indispensable. The touchless marking technology of the green laser was recognized by the customer. He went directly to the Shenzhen headquarters of RFH to order 3 green lasers.


In the marking of glass, the precise spot of RFH laser can meet the requirements of a series of exquisite glass products, and strictly guarantee superior beam quality in all frequency ranges. In addition, its all-digital intelligent power control technology and 24-hour running time have saved time and technical costs for glass marking production, which has deeply attracted the attention of customers. He picked up the goods directly and immediately transported the machine back to the production line for installation and operation.

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