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RFH Green Laser can easily cut and perforate toughened glass

Jun 17 , 2021

RFH Green Laser can easily cut and perforate toughened glass


Before purchasing the green laser, Mr. Lin came to RFH to understand the cutting process of the green laser. In just ten seconds, a piece of tough tempered glass is accurately cut by the green laser, not only is the cutting completed, the cutting of the tempered glass is neat and free of burrs, and the quality fully meets the standard of a first-class product. In order to ensure the cutting effect of different products, Mr. Lin continuously put forward the requirements of cutting different materials, but whether it is the mobile phone motherboard, sapphire or camera module, it is precisely cut by this small green laser.


The 24-hour continuous operation of the green laser, the cutting quality accurate to millimeters, and the ultra-low cost without consumables and dedicated maintenance all made Mr. Lin very excited, and he immediately placed an order to buy.

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