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Nanosecond lasers rapid internal engraving and marking glass

Aug 11 , 2021

Nanosecond lasers rapid internal engraving and marking glass


When faced with questions about how to carry out rapid internal engraving and marking, RFH nanosecond lasers is probably the ideal solution.


Kelly, a glass art factory manufacturer from Canada, came to RFH, hoping to find a booster for fast in-carving technology for the newly constructed glass craft production line.


RFH green laser has small wavelength, high beam quality, and small spot, which can achieve the super surprise internal carving requirements of glass products. Secondly, the green laser has a high absorption rate for various materials, and because the heat-affected area is small, the thermal effect produced is basically zero, leading to the glass carving hole effect without yellowing, and blackening, and achieving the high-definition white and fine lines.



More importantly, Kelly is satisfied with the effect that the excellent 532 green laser has fast marking speed and high efficiency. It can be used continuously for up to 24 hours and is quite stable in terms of performance. Maintenance-free, zero consumables, long life, simple operation, and high efficiency. The green laser with these advantages that are difficult to combine together greatly appreciated Kelly, and he has immediately placed an order for RFH green laser.

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