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RFH infrared laser peels paint and prints logo on the stainless steel shell of Joyoung kettle

Jan 10 , 2022

RFH infrared laser peels paint and prints logo on the stainless steel shell of Joyoung kettle


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Joyoung is a well-known brand of household appliances in China. It has a high reputation in the fields of kettles, soymilk machines, cooking machines and other products. For the stainless steel shell peeling paint logo technology on the surface of Joyoung kettles, Joyoung's parts processing factory decisively chose RFH infrared laser.


The RFH 1064nm infrared laser is proud of its fast paint stripping speed and low-carbon energy saving


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The RFH infrared laser was very excited when it received the order from the Joyoung processing plant. The trust of the Joyoung processing factory means that the RFH infrared laser has gained more trust and affirmation from the market.

The RFH infrared laser is a process of peeling paint using a precise focusing spot and a cold light source at a low temperature. Due to its characteristics of short pulse, high gloss book quality, high peak power, etc., it is superior in the field of metal stripping technology, and can perform stripping technology on the surface of Joyoung's kettle with an accuracy of 0.2mm. In addition, the infrared laser stripping speed is fast, low-carbon and energy-saving, suitable for flying assembly lines, and meets Joyoung's requirements and concepts for environmental protection and low-carbon emissions.


10w20w infrared laser stripping effect on stainless steel shell is better than fiber marking


In addition, the infrared laser will not cause pollution during the peeling process, and it can be used only by plugging in. There are no consumables and no manual care, and it has been greatly favored in terms of cost. And RFH, which has such high-end research and development of infrared lasers, also provides life-long free technical support services to each customer, and provides very thoughtful answers to technical questions raised by each customer.


RFH Infrared Laser Paint Stripping Process


The peeling process of RFH infrared laser on Joyoung kettle brings RFH the affirmation from technology to service, and it is also the pride of immersing in research and development for more than ten years. RFH believes that it can be favored by more customers through continuous research and development.

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