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RFH infrared laser peels paint on Parker pens and marks logo

Jan 03 , 2022

RFH infrared laser peels paint on Parker pens and marks logo


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Parker fountain pen is an old brand of fountain pens. The heavy hand feeling, majestic shape design, tasteful personality streamline and comfortable use make him welcomed by the student party and the working party. The paint peeling process on the metal surface of Parker pens can mark a unique logo to show brand value.


RFH infrared laser peeling paint on the metal surface of Parker pens, showing the unique brand value


Mr. Chen, the person in charge of the processing line of Parker's pen case, paid a return visit to RFH recently to learn more about infrared lasers. Infrared laser is a new technological breakthrough product recently launched by RFH. It is different from the UV laser peeling paint used in the past. The technology of infrared laser peeling paint is more mature and the quality focus is more prominent. The logo effect of infrared laser peeling paint and marking Unlike counterfeit and inferior brand pens, its glossy visual experience can become a good anti-counterfeiting mark.


RFH nanosecond infrared laser's green and environmentally friendly paint stripping process, so you have no worries


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In addition, for such small commodity parts processing, the most important thing is to increase the speed while ensuring the quality. The RFH infrared laser has a very high compliance accuracy and can run continuously for 24 hours to stabilize the graphics and text required for marking.

Moreover, the speed of reaching the standard is very fast, basically a small logo can be marked in a few seconds, and it has a very outstanding efficiency on the flying assembly line. In addition, the paint peeling process of Parker pens will not cause any pollution, and there is no worries about environmental protection standards and human health. It is a truly green and environmentally friendly technology product.


RFH 1064nm infrared laser


There are still many customers like Mr. Chen who have visited many times. They attach great importance to technological development, enjoy the free lifetime technical support provided by RFH, and jointly contribute to the advancement of technological development.

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