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RFH's new infrared laser is peeling paint on the metal shell

Sep 10 , 2021

RFH's new infrared laser is peeling paint on the metal shell


How to make more natural and smooth engraving on metal? How to ensure the quality and speed of metal peeling paint while ensuring that a large amount of dust pollution will not be generated? For the final question of metal peeling paint, RFH handed over an answer.


To solve the problem of metal peeling paint, you have enough RFH infrared laser


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When it comes to RFH infrared laser paint stripping technology, it may not be as well known as UV lasers, but it must be admitted that infrared laser paint stripping technology is faster to a certain extent and is more suitable for assembly line operation. Many metal peeling paint manufacturers, after using infrared lasers, believe in the R&D and research of RFH even more.


RFH independently researched and developed lasers


After more than ten years, RFH has gained a lot of experience in independent research and development of lasers. RFH uses a self-developed dedicated power control system. This system is more stable, allowing the laser to operate to a greater extent.


Infrared laser is used for peeling paint on metal, which is fast and affordable


The research and development of improved functional modules according to laser demand is also in a straight line. For the paint stripping technology on tiny objects, RFH can be described as unparalleled in quality. Its maximum precision of paint stripping can reach 0.02mm, and its speed is more than ten times faster than that of manual labor. The failure rate, stability, service life and other aspects have also been improved to varying degrees.


RFH provides customers with free lifetime technical support


Of course, RFH is much more than that. For many years, RFH has provided customers with free lifetime technical support. Every breakthrough means the delivery and sharing of the latest technology to various industries. RFH is not only to create a good company, but also to constantly strive for the cause of China's laser technology.

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